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Long-term deterrence of China's steel exports from Sino-US trade war

Class:Industry dynamics       2019-06-28 11:59:16

Jinan Langteng Briefing: How strong is China's steel export deterrent from the long-term Sino-US trade war?

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From the above two countries'steel export, import varieties and export and import areas, China's export of U. S. steel from the volume and ranking point of view, are not enough to cause too much impact on the domestic steel industry. In addition, it should be noted that the steel industry, as the upstream of many industries, is also within the scope of trade friction between the two sides. Moreover, will other countries follow the example of the United States in setting trade barriers to the steel industry in the later period, and other countries also reduce their steel exports to the United States and transfer them to other regions? After all, global demand is certain, the industry still has excess capacity to compete for market share. China's steel exports to the United States will undoubtedly be further reduced in the later period.

In late April, French and German presidents visited the United States to negotiate the tax exemption for steel products that are about to expire and strive for permanent exemption. At the beginning of May, the United States will send a delegation to China for negotiations. Of course, the direction of the negotiations is no longer limited to a certain industry such as iron and steel, but belongs to the "Xiangzhuang Dance Sword". Its real sword refers to China's "2025" manufacturing and the blockade of China's rise. However, the global trading system is irreversible and can only be more and more open, and trade wars or political barriers may ultimately lead to more rigid industries.

After globalization, the international division of labor structure of industry can not be changed in a short time. The industrial chain, including technological reserves, is not a short variable, but a long-term accumulation, landing in one place. How to "counter-offer" countries, including China, will continue to be the focus of attention. To be sure, the game between the parties is still fierce, and the trade between countries and the United States is facing shuffling. This is just the beginning, not the end.

China's iron and steel exports are still facing many uncertainties. However, under the background of China's supply-side reform, the iron and steel industry has made remarkable progress in resolving excess capacity and restructuring the steel industry structure, which will continue. China's infrastructure investment and other steel spaces are still large. Meanwhile, China's steel has been expanding in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa in recent years, and this coincides with the layout of "one belt and one road". According to monitoring data from Lange Iron and Steel Research Center, in 2016, the total volume of steel exported to China along the "one belt and one road" area was 63 million 940 thousand tons, an increase of 2.7% over the same period last year. Therefore, China's iron and steel industry is facing both challenges and opportunities.

4. SPHE - means hot rolled steel sheets and strips for deep drawing. The spark characteristics will change with the addition of alloying elements in steel. Alloy elements such as Ni, Si, Mo and W inhibit spark cracking, while alloy elements such as Mn and V contribute to spark cracking.

Reinforcement: It can be divided into hot-rolled bars (hot-rolled round bars HPB and hot-rolled ribbed bars HRB), cold-rolled twisted bars (CTB), cold-rolled ribbed bars (CRB).

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