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What is the yield strength of Q235 steel?

Class:Industry dynamics       2019-06-28 11:52:54

Jinan Langteng International Briefing: What is the yield strength of Q235 steel?

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[Yield Strength of Q235 Steel] Q235 is a common carbon structural steel. Q represents the yield limit of this material. The latter 235 is the yield value of this material, which is about 235 MPa. The yield strength decreases with the increase of material thickness (thickness/diameter is less than 16 mm, yield strength is 235 MPa; thickness/diameter is less than 40 mm, yield strength is 225 MPa; thickness/diameter is less than 60 mm, yield strength is 215 MPa; thickness/diameter is less than 100 mm, yield strength is 205 MPa; and thickness/diameter is less than 150 mm, yield strength is 215 MPa. The yield strength is 195 MPa, 150 mm < thickness/diameter < 200 mm, 185 MPa. Due to its moderate carbon content, good comprehensive properties, good combination of strength, plasticity and welding properties, it has been widely used.

16. A single austenite structure should be obtained after hydro-toughening treatment of wear-resistant steel ZGMn13. The structure has high impact toughness and is mainly used for parts subjected to severe impact wear.

The 1.2083 plastic die steel imported from Germany has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardenability and machinability. 1.2083 plastic die steel, also known as W.1.2083, has low impurity content, good quenching stability and low quenching deformation rate. Due to its good corrosion resistance, relatively low maintenance cost, high surface accuracy and good polishing performance, long-term production can still maintain the original high accuracy.

(3) Steel can be used as an important reference for iron ore negotiation price

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