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The difference between white steel and stainless steel

Class:Industry dynamics       2019-06-28 11:48:14

Jinan Langteng International Briefing: Difference between White Steel and Stainless Steel


White steel tool steel, stainless steel is a general term with many different uses and materials, is processed by special technology.


White steel is not widely used, stainless steel is widely used.

Manufacturing Technology

The carbon content of white carbon steel is 0.7%-1.65%, while most stainless steels contain lower carbon content, generally less than 1.2%, and carbon content of some stainless steels is even less than 0.03%.


White steel is inferior to stainless steel in corrosion resistance

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Complete annealing, also known as weight crystallization annealing, is generally referred to as annealing. This annealing is mainly used for the casting, forging and hot-rolled sections of various hypoeutectoid carbon and alloy steels, and sometimes for welding structures. Usually as the final heat treatment of some unimportant workpieces, or as the pre-heat treatment of some workpieces.