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Job responsibilities:

1. Implementing the company's trade business and opening up the market;

2. Responsible for developing, contacting customers, preparing quotations, negotiating business and signing contracts;

3. Responsible for production tracking, delivery and on-site monitoring;

4. Responsible for the examination and verification of documents, customs declaration, settlement and other work;

5. Customer development and maintenance;

6. The collation and filing of business-related information;

7. Report on related business work.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in International Trade or Business English;

2, 2 or more years of business experience in the field of trade, foreign-owned enterprise experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with trade operation process and relevant laws and regulations, with professional knowledge in the field of trade;

4. Good command of English and computer operation;

5. Has good business development ability and business negotiation skills, strong public relations awareness, strong career ambition, team spirit and independent ability to handle affairs, courage to pioneer and innovate.

Working hours: weekend breaks from 8:00 to 5:00

Salary: base salary + commission + five insurance + year-end award + holiday benefits

Recruitment telephone: 15335416522